Tradycyjny mazurski sękacz


The idea of starting our firm wastaken from the family tradition of baking pyramidal cake. In 1990 we decided to start production, which is based on the traditional folk recipe. We went up to the succes slowly, producing and improving the technology and recipe of baking, which allowed us to lenghten the period of usefulness to eating.

Pyramidal cake

The history of baking cakes in fire comes back of the ancient tribes of Bails-Jacwings, Samogitians, Lithuanians and Prussians. Those people worshipping their pagan gods gave them offerings of meat, honey and cakes. Later legend tells that the first pyramidal cake was served in the mansion at Berżniki near Sejny. Queen Bona, admired that exeptionally tasty and attractive cake with knots which since that moment was often served on the royal table of Wawel.


We offer our pyramidal cake in the large range of weight from 60 dkg up to 10 kg and different height from 25 to 60 cm. We produce them in different tastes, from traditional pyramidal cake to traditional cakes in icings and dredges.